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       vboxgetty.conf - config file for vboxgetty


       The file /etc/isdn/vboxgetty.conf is used to configure vboxgetty. Please read the man page
       vboxgetty(8) for a description of how vboxgetty works.

       Everything after "#" is ignored, as are empty lines. All arguments must  be  separated  by
       whitespace (spaces, tabs). Arguments may not contain whitespace.

       All  settings before the first port command are global settings, after a port command they
       only affect the current port.

       port <string>
              ISDN device to configure.

       modeminit <string>
              Command to initialize the modem. You should set  the  MSN/EAZ  on  which  vboxgetty
              should listen for incoming calls. Default is "ATZ".

       user <string>
              Name  of  the user that vboxgetty will use. This user must exist in /etc/passwd and
              you must use this parameter.

       group <string>
              Name of the group that vboxgetty will use. This group must exist in /etc/group  and
              you must use this parameter.

       umask <number>
              Vboxgetty  will  use this umask when creating new files. You must give the umask as
              an octal number. Default is 077.

       dropdtrtime <seconds>
              Number of milliseconds to hold the DTR-Line low to reset the modem.  Default  value
              is 800.

       initpause <number>
              Number  of  milliseconds  to  wait  after  initializing  the modem. This is used to
              compensate the delay of the "NO CARRIER" response. Default value is 1500.

       badinitsexit <number>
              Maximum failures with modeminit.  If  this  number  is  reached,  vboxgetty  exits.
              Default is 0.

       ringtimeout <number>
              Time  in  seconds  to  wait for a RING. If no RING is received within this time, no
              call is taken. Default is 5.

       echotimeout <number>
              Time in seconds to wait for the echo from the modem. Default is 4.

       commandtimeout <number>
              Time in seconds to wait for a response to a modem command. Default is 4.

       alivetimeout <number>
              After this time in seconds vboxgetty will check if the modem is still responding to
              modem commands. Default is 1800.

       compression <string>
              Audio  compression  to  use  to  record  new messages. Possible values are ADPCM-2,
              ADPCM-3, ADPCM-4 and ULAW. The  ALAW  compression  mode  is  no  longer  supported.
              Default is ULAW.

       spooldir <string>
              Spool  directory  to use. This directory must exist. It's used for control files of
              several programs. Default is /var/spool/vbox/<user>.

       vboxconfig <string>
              Full path of the vbox config file. Default value is <spooldir>/vbox.conf.

       freespace <number>
              Number of bytes that must be available on the partition with the  spool  directory,
              so that a call may be taken. Default is 0.

       debuglevel <string>
              What  messages  are be written to /var/log/vbox/vboxgetty-<device>.log.  The string
              consists of letters representing the severities of the messages  to  log  (F=FATAL,
              E=ERROR, W=WARNING, I=INFO, D=DEBUG, J=JUNK).  Default is FEWI.


              this configuration file


       vboxgetty(8), vbox(5), vboxtcl(5)


       This  manual  page  was  written  by  Andreas Jellinghaus <>, for Debian
       GNU/Linux and isdn4linux.