Provided by: zathura_0.0.8.5-4_i386 bug


       zathurarc - zathura configuration file


       /etc/zathurarc, ~/.config/zathura/zathurarc


       The  zathurarc  contains  various  options  controlling the behavior of
       zathura. One can use the set and map commands:

       · set [id] [value]

       · map [key] [function] [argument] [mode]

       They behave the same as the set and map commands in zathura.  Any  line
       not starting with set or map will be ignored.

       [id] and the corresponding [value] can be one of

       · adjust_open [bestfit|width|noadjust] - adjust mode.

         · bestfit: adjust to best fit

         · width: adjust to width

         · noadjust: don't adjust

       · browser, uri_command [string] - command to open external URIs.

         The string has to include a %s which will be replaced with the URI.

       · completion_bgcolor,     completion_fgcolor,     completion_g_bgcolor,
         completion_g_fgcolor,  completion_hl_bgcolor,  completion_hl_fgcolor,
         default_bgcolor, default_fgcolor, inputbar_bgcolor, inputbar_fgcolor,
         notification_e_bgcolor,                       notification_e_fgcolor,
         notification_w_bgcolor,   notification_w_fgcolor,  recolor_darkcolor,
         recoler_lightcolor,       statusbar_bgcolor,       statusbar_fgcolor,
         search_highlight, select_text [color] - colors settings.

         The  color  can be given as hex triplet (#rrggbb) or any color string
         understood by GTK+ (e.g. red, green, blue, black, ...).

       · default_text [string] - text displayed in the statusbar if no file is

       · font [string] - the used font.

       · height, width [int] - default height and width of the zathura window.

       · labels [bool] - allow label mode.

       · list_printer_command   [string]  -  command  to  list  all  available

       · n_completion_items [int] - number of completion items to display.

       · offset - page offset.

       · print_command [string] - command to print the file.

         The string has to include %s four times. The first  occurence  of  %s
         will be replaced with the printer, the second with additional options
         given on the command line, the third with the pages to print and  the
         fourth with the filename.

       · recolor [bool] - invert the image.

       · save_position,  save_zoom_level  [bool]  - save current page and zoom
         level in bookmarks file.

       · scroll_step [float] - scroll step.

       · scroll_wrap [bool] - wrap scrolling at the end and beginning  of  the

       · scrollbars,  show_statusbar,  show_inputbar  [bool] - show statusbar,
         inputbar and scrollbars.

       · smooth_scrolling [float] - smooth scrolling.

       · transparency [float] - transparency of rectangles.

       · zoom_max, zoom_min, zoom_step [float]  -  maximal  and  minimal  zoom
         level and zoom step.

       [key]  can  be  a  single character, <C-?> for Ctrl + ? like shortcuts,
       where ? stands for some key (e.g. <C-q>). Also  it  can  be  <S-?>  for
       uppercase shortcuts or one of

       <BackSpace>,  <CapsLock>, <Down>, <Esc>, <F[1-12]>, <Left>, <PageDown>,
       <PageUp>, <Return>, <Right>, <Space>, <Super>, <Tab>, <Up>.

       [function] and the corresponding [argument] can be one of

       · abort - clear command line and buffer.

       · adjust_window

       · change_buffer [delete_last]: change buffer.

         · delete_last: delete last character

       · change_mode [mode] - change mode.

         For the possible modes see the list of modes below.

       · focus_inputbar - focus the inputbar.

       · follow - follow a URI.

       · navigate [next|previous|left|right] - navigate the document.

       · navigate_index [up|down|expand|collapse|select] - nagivate the index.

       · quit - quit zathura.

       · recolor - toogle recolor setting.

       · reload - reload the file.

       · rotate - rotate by 90 degrees clockwise.

       · scroll   [up|down|half_up|half_down|full_up|full_down|left|right]   -

       · search [string] - search for the specified string.

       · switch_goto_mode - toogle goto mode.

       · toggle_fullscreen - toogle fullscreen mode.

       · toggle_index - toogle index mode.

       · toggle_inputbar - toogle inputbar display setting.

       · toogle_statusbar - toogle statusbar display setting.

       · zoom [in|out|float] - zoom in, out or to a specific zooming level.

       [mode] can be one of

       · all

       · fullscreen

       · index

       · normal

       · insert

       · visual

       If [mode] is omitted, all will be used.


       # zathurarc

       # colors
       set statusbar_bgcolor #00FF00
       set statusbar_fgcolor red

       # settings
       set height 1024
       set width 768
       set adjust_open width

       # key bindings
       map <PageUp> navigate previous
       map <PageDown> navigate next

       map + zoom in
       map - zoom out

       map <C-q> quit




       Sebastian Ramacher <>

                                   19.8.2010                      ZATHURARC(5)