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       assaultcube - AssaultCube client


       assaultcube  [  -wX  ] [ -hY ] [ -t ] [ -zN ] [ -bN ] [ -sN ] [ -aN ] [
       -vN ] [ --loadmap=FILE ] [ --loaddemo=FILE ] [ -e"C" ]  [  --init  ]  [
       --mod=PATH  ]  [  --home=PATH ] [ -mURL ] [ -T ] [ -d ] [ --version ] [
       --protocol ] [ --help ]


       AssaultCube, formerly ActionCube, is a  first-person-shooter  based  on
       the game Cube. Set in a realistic looking environment, as far as that's
       possible with this engine, while gameplay stays fast and  arcade.  This
       game is all about team oriented multiplayer fun.

       assaultcube  is  a  script which executes /usr/lib/games/ac_client from
       the     /usr/share/games/assaultcube/     directory      using      the
       "--home=${HOME}/.assaultcube_v1.104 --init" options. It will accept any
       additional options


       -wX    Sets the desired screen width to X. The default is -w1024

       -hY    Sets the desired screen height to Y. The default is -h768

       -t     Forces AssaultCube to run in  "window"  mode  (turns  fullscreen
              off).  You can explicitly force fullscreen mode by using -t1

       -zN    Sets  the  precision of the z-buffer  to N bits.  This should be
              at least 24 or you may experience depth problems.

       -bN    Sets the colour depth  to N bits per pixel (example: -b16  would
              set the colour depth to 16-bits).

       -sN    Sets  the  stencil buffer precision to N bits.  This needs to be
              either 8 to enable shadowing effects, or 0 to turn it  off  (the

       -aN    Sets full-scene anti-aliasing to N samples (example: -a4 is 4x).

       -vN    Enables  v-sync  if  N  is greater 0. If N equals -1 then system
              defaults will be used.

              Forces AssaultCube to load the map named FILE when launched.

              Forces  AssaultCube  to  playback  the  demo  named  FILE   when

       -e"C"  Executes the command C on launch (i.e. -e"echo hello"). Refer to
              the CubeScript command reference for  a  list  of  all  possible

       --init Executes  the init script before starting the graphics and sound
              subsystems (recommended). By default, the file ./config/init.cfg
              is used. This can be overridden by setting --init=yourfile.cfg

              Adds  the  specified  path  to  the  list  of  directories to be
              searched when loading resources. Use this to "MOD" the game in a
              clean  way  without  having  to  place/replace files in the main
              directory.  See the custom mods page for more information.

              Specifies the AssaultCube home folder.  AssaultCube  will  write
              custom settings and files to this directory (recommended).

       -mURL  Sets  the  client  to  update  its  serverlist from the URL of a
              different masterserver. When using this argument,  you  need  to
              exclude  the  protocol at the beginning (i.e. add everything BUT
              http://   on    to    the    argument).     The    default    is

       -T     Tags a timestamp to each line of text output to the console.

       -d     This  starts  the executable file for the AssaultCube CLIENT, as
              an AssaultCube SERVER instead. You don't need this  argument  if
              you're using the server executable. There is no need to use this
              argument unless you know what you're doing.

              Prints out  the  version  number  (example:  1.104)  instead  of
              running AssaultCube.

              Prints  out  the  protocol  number  (example:  1140)  instead of
              running AssaultCube.

       --help Display this manpage




       AssaultCube was written by the AssaultCube Team.

       This   manual   page   was    written    by    Martin    Erik    Werner
       Information taken from

                                 May  7, 2011                   ASSAULTCUBE(6)