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       between - a game about consciousness and isolation




       Between is a video game written by Jason Rohrer about consciousness and

       Between is a multiplayer-only art game. As a result, some  people  like
       it,  many  people  do  not  get  it and some people hate it. Search the
       internet for the  author's  name  and  the  game  title  to  find  some
       discussion about the game before dismissing it. Some sample discussions
       and reactions are listed below.

       You can play Between with a friend or stranger over the Internet.  Both
       players  will  see  a  field,  sky,  clouds,  a  square structure and a
       shimmering tower. The interface reveals the initial controls (reference
       below).  The  players place red-green-blue blocks on the field and pile
       them upwards. Placing blocks over the shimmering tower causes  pleasant
       tones while the colours match. Soon enough the players will not be able
       to match any more blocks with the complex patterns and  colour  variety
       in  the tower. To the left is a bed indicating sleep. To the right is a
       bright room indicating  wakefulness.  Cycling  through  the  dream  and
       wakefulness  states gives players three different realities in which to
       build the shimmering tower. Eventually in the state between  dream  and
       reality,   mysterious   interactions  between  the  two  players  block
       placements and reality cycling patterns will result in blocks with  new
       colours  and patterns appearing on the field. These new blocks can then
       be used to match more and more of the shimmering tower over time...

       The most interesting part about this game is  the  emotions  it  evokes
       within  the player of the game. The ultra-low-res pixel art helps here,
       by not being too distracting and by  leaving  plenty  room  for  viewer


       Between has no command-line options.

       The left and right arrow keys move left and right.

       The spacebar is used to place or grab blocks.

       The b/n keys are used to change the colour of the placed blocks.

       The s/w keys are used to sleep/wake the player.

       The Esc key is used to quit the game.

       The  game  resolution  and  use of fullscreen or a window can be set by
       editing the files in /etc/between.


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