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       btanks - fast 2D tank arcade game


       Battle  Tanks  is a funny battle on your desk, where you can choose one
       of three vehicles and eliminate your enemy using the whole  arsenal  of
       weapons.  has  original cartoon-like graphics and cool music, it is fun
       and  dynamic,  it  has  several  network  modes  for   deathmatch   and

       what  else  is  needed to have fun with your friends? And all is packed
       and ready for you in "Battle Tanks".


              "Battle Tanks" is a multiplayer game in the first place. Network
              game  and split screen mode are available, and also a mixed mode
              is possible, when two players use split  screen  on  the  server
              computer,  and  others  connect  via LAN.Two modes are possible:
              deathmatch battle and cooperative game.

              "Battle Tanks" is cross-platform. Both Windows  and  Linux  fans
              are  welcome  on  the  battlefield  where they will settle their
              quarrels in the name of weapons.

       Free distribution and open source
              The multiplayer version is licensed under GNU  GPL.  This  means
              two  things.  Firstly, it doesn't cost anything for you. You can
              download it for free  and  share  with  your  friends,  with  no
              preliminary  or  future fees. And secondly, the full source code
              of the game is available, so any guy who knows C++ can poke  his
              nose there and probably find some surprises that developers have
              prepared for curious fans.

       Old-school oriented
              Builders of "Battle Tanks" love these good old  arcades  of  the
              past  century.  So  they have tried hard to implement everything
              best of these old arcade games.

       Performance characteristics:

       Three vehicles: tank, Shilka, and rocket launcher. Each vehicle has its
       special features.

       Lots  of  weapons:  four  types  of ammo, six types of rockets, landing
       troops, mines, and so on.

       Ten multiplayer maps (seven ones for  deathmatch  and  three  ones  for
       cooperative mode) in different locations such as city, village, forest,
       desert and so on.

       Game world that reacts on player. Roads have traffic, buildings can  be
       destroyed, weather effects are simulated.

       Lots of war objects: troops, vehicles, helicopters and other.

       Keyboard and gamepad are supported.


       1. Ammo

       Gun  is  the  main  weapon  of  tank  and  Shilka.  Guns  don't require
       ammunition, but their piercing ability  is  much  lower  that  one  for

       "Eternal fire" type tank shell
              Type  shell  that  is  shipped  with tank and Shilka. The gun on
              Shilka is faster that one  on  tank,  but  each  hit  does  less
              damage.  Guns have infinite ammunition.

       Shell with laughset focal point
              The  main  feature  of the shell with laughset focal point (also
              called  shell  with  uncertain  orientation)  is  bouncing  from
              obstacles.  This  shell  is good for urban battles, also it will
              help when shooting an enemy that has  covered  behind  something
              solid  or  impenetrable.  The disadvantage of this model is that
              you never know where it will bounce.

       Explosive shell
              The explosive shell is also known as Matreshka shell. Inside the
              jacket  of  this shell, several small shells are nested. A small
              time after the shot, the  matreshka  opens,  and  nested  shells
              spread in different directions. Each hit causes relatively small
              damage, but large area is covered. This model  is  intended  for
              use  against  enemy  crowds.  It is ineffective in close face to
              face duels.

       Dirt gun
              Dirt gun is  invented  by  crazy  agronomists.  By  the  aid  of
              concentration   of  energy  in  near-surface  layers,  nano-wave
              fluctuations cause temporary inversion of  field.  Lower  layers
              are  found  on  the top, thus introducing a short-time effect of
              plowing the surface (this is  broadly  used  during  the  sowing
              campaign).  In  battle, the dirt gun can be used for making dirt
              spots of reduced passability. Enemy troops and  vehicles  suffer
              loss  of control and speed in these plowed areas.  Pimary weapon
              Secondary weapon

       2. Rockets

       Rockets are large, so number of  rockets  that  a  vehicle  carries  is
       limited. Rockets are main weapon of rocket launcher.

       Homing missile
              Homing  missile  is  a  type  weapon  and is shipped with rocket
              launchers. It can also be used on tanks as a  secondary  weapon.
              After  the  launch,  the  rocket  finds  a target and guides its
              flight by its own. Unlike the  heat-aimed  rockets,  this  model
              detects  delta  waves  emitted  by human brains, and thus can be
              used against troops and  manned  vehicles.  Unfortunately,  this
              method   of   detection   ignores  androids  and  intellectually
              challenged individuals.  Another  disadvantage  is  that  rocket
              doesn't  avoid  obstacles (avoiding function is announced in the
              next stable release of rocket drivers binary).

       Uncontrolled rocket
              This is a Dumb-fire modification of the type rocket that can  be
              equipped  as  a secondary weapon. At the expense of electronics,
              explosive charge and velocity are increased.  Due  to  its  high
              velocity  and  high  damage caused, this rocket is very good for
              making fire barriers, destroying enemy weapon emplacements,  and
              in face to face battles.

       Boomerang rocket
              Boomerang  rocket  is  an  accidental modification of the homing
              missile that has been found after beta  drivers  were  installed
              from  a  damaged  CD  on some test rocket. On ground tests, that
              rocket introduced a non-typical behaviour: it  didn't  select  a
              target  after  the launch, but just circled around the launcher,
              following an elliptical trajectory. Nobody can explain still why
              the  rocket  does  that;  however  boomerang  rockets  have been
              approved and are produced on the line now. They can be used  for
              defense; also boomerang rockets are effective in close battle.

       Gas rocket
              Gas  rocket  is  stuffed  with  toxic  and radioactive wastes of
              fragrance industry.  They  are  prohibited  by  Geneva  Protocol
              because  of  their  incredibly disgusting and beautiful smell. A
              humanoid  that  has  inhaled  the   gas   suffers   convulsions,
              sialorrhea,  retching,  diarrhea,  and  dies with happy smile on
              face.  The gas rockets are perfect for  eliminating  troops.  In
              multiplayer, they scan be used for making smoke screens.

              This  homing missile is filled with artificial viruses-malicious
              nanorobots. When a rocket  hits  target,  viruses  clod  between
              tracks  of tank caterpillars, raise pressure of braking fluid in
              hydraulic  systems,  and  cause  temporary  paralysis  of  lower
              extremities  of  humanoids.  However, these viruses don't affect
              functioning of weapons systems and other  organs  of  humanoids;
              side  effects or contra-indication are unknown. Stop-rocket does
              not inflict damage, but it's a great secondary  weapon  that  is
              very  effective  if  combined  with  explosive  or bouncing tank
              shells, homing missiles and machine guns.

       Nuclear missile "Pure Thermonuke"
              This 15 kilotons nuke is the  most  destructive  weapon  in  the
              game. It destroys everything in range of explosion, and using or
              thermonuclear reaction guarantees that radiation pollution  will
              be  negligibly  small.  So the ground can be used just after the
              enemy is vaporized by the  heat  of  nuclear  blast.   Secondary

       3. Preserved landing force

       Five  fully  equipped  troops  are  frozen  and  GZIPped  into standard
       rectangular bricks. Before  refrigeration,  each  trooper  is  prepared
       using  special  hormons  and  steroids, and can be used in action after
       quick microwave-aided defreezing. Shipped in two versions with  machine
       guns and handheld rocket launchers.

       Machine gun trooper
              The  trooper  takes  a  position  and  fires  the  enemy objects
              (including missiles).  16  directions  of  fire  are  available.
              Shilka  lands MG troopers for support. Thanks to their high fire
              rate and mobility, MG troopers  can  defend  a  vehicle  against
              enemy missiles.

       Rocket trooper
              The  trooper  takes  a position and fires the enemy objects (NOT
              including missiles). 8 directions of fire are available.  Shilka
              lands  rocket  troopers  for  support.  Due to their fire power,
              rocket troopers are good for attacking the enemy.

       4. Other weapons

       Other weapons include mines and MG turrets.  Mine

       Mine   Mines are effective equally against troops  and  vehicles.  They
              have winning appearance, and are easy to install and use.  Using
              of mines allows unique and great tactical opportunities, both in
              single  missions and deathmatch. Routes, respawn points, hidings
              of weapons - everything can be mined. Remember that the mine  is
              invisible if covered with dirt or smoke!

       MG turret
              MG  turret  is  a primitive robot that shoots everything that is
              moving. Some turrets are shipped with  "ally-enemy"  recognition
              system.  In  stationary  version,  MG  turrets  can  be used for
              automated security systems. Mobile versions can  be  mounted  on
              rocket launchers. 16 directions of fire are available.


       You    can    find    more    about   the   game   on   its   homepage:

       You       have       more        information        available        in


       The  game  has  been  written  by Vladimir Menshakov, Methos Wagner and
       Vladimir Zhuravlev, and is distributed under  the  GNU  General  Public
       License, either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later

                                                               Battle Tanks(6)