Provided by: circuslinux_1.0.3-28_amd64 bug


       circuslinux - The clowns are trying to pop balloons to score points!


       circuslinux  [--disable-sound]  [--fullscreen]  [--low] | [--digital] [--paddle] [--help |
       --usage] [--version]


       This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution  because  the  original
       program   does   not   have   a   manual   page.    Instead,   it   has  documentation  in

       "Circus Linux!" is based on the Atari 2600 game "Circus Atari" by Atari,
        released in 1980. Gameplay is similar to "Breakout" and "Arkanoid"- you
        slide a device left and right to bounce objects into the air which destroy
        a wall.


              If sound support was compiled in, this will disable it  for  this  session  of  the
              game.   --fullscreen  Run  in fullscreen mode.  --low Disable some features so that
              the game might run better  on  low-end  hardware.   Titlescreen  ballons  and  game
              backgrounds  are  disabled,  and the game screen refreshes every 1/15th of a second
              instead of 1/30th of a second.  --digital When using a  joystick,  left  and  right
              cause  the teeter-totter to move incrementally.  (This is as opposed to the default
              mode, where the analog position of the joystick is  used  literally.)   Useful  for
              playing  with  a  digital  gamepad.   --paddle  For  using  real Atari 2600 paddles
              connected to a your PC's joystick port.  --help Display a help message  summarizing
              command-line  options,  copyright,  and  game  controls.   --usage  Display a brief
              message summarizing command-line options.  --version Display the version of  Circus
              Linux! you're running.


       Controlling the Teeter-Totter Move the mouse left and right to move the teeter-totter left
       and right.

       If a clown is in the air, you can also click any of the mouse buttons to flip the  teeter-
       totter.   (This causes the low and high ends of the teeter-totter to change places, useful
       when the teeter-totter is at a far side of the screen and the low end is on the  outside.)
       Pausing  To  pause  the  game,  you  can  press  either the [SPACE], [TAB] or [P] key.  To
       unpause, press one of those keys again.  Quitting To quit the current game, you can  press
       [ESCAPE].  This forfeits your game (as though you ran out of lives).

       To quit Circus Linux! altogether, you can use your window manager's close command or press
       EXIT on the title screen.


       This manual page was written by Christian T. Steigies  <>,  for  the  Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                        November 10, 2004                          CIRCUSLINUX(6)