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     dab — Dots and Boxes game


     dab [-aw] [-n ngames] [-pc|h⟩⟨c|h⟩] [xdim [ydim]]


     dab is a game where each player tries to complete the most boxes.  A turn
     consists of putting one border of a box; the player setting the fourth
     and final border of a box gets the point for the box and has another

     The keys used are the vi keys: k for up, j for down, h for left, and l
     for right.  To switch between even and odd rows, use one of the following
     keys: u (diagonal right up), y (diagonal left up), b (diagonal left
     down), n (diagonal right down); ⟨space⟩ sets a new border, CTRL-L and
     CTRL-R redraw the screen, and q quits the game.

     Support options are:

     -a               Don't use the alternate character set.

     -n ngames        ngames games will be played.  (Especially useful in -p
                      cc mode.)

     -pc|h⟩⟨c|h⟩    Select which of the two players is a human or a
                      computer.  The first argument is the first player; c
                      stands for computer and h for human.

     -w               Wait for a character press between games.

     xdim and ydim define the size of the board in the x and y dimensions.


     Christos Zoulas ⟨


     Elwyn R. Berlekamp, The Dots and Boxes Game: Sophisticated Child's Play,
     A K Peters, 2000,