Provided by: empcommand_0.3+svn6617-0ubuntu1_all bug


       empcommand - Multitouch 2d touch-and-shoot game


       empcommand [options]


       Enemies  must  be defeated with fierce touches on your multitouch surface, but be aware of
       timings and ammo!  Bonus powerups are given for multiple kills with single missiles:

        * AMMO powerup (3 enemies in one shot): turret ammo will be refilled
        * NUKE powerup (4 enemies or more): the designated turret will
           launch a super powerful missile that will wipe out most of the

       Powerups can be deployed with a drag&drop to one of the living turrets.  Keep cities  from
       being  destroyed  if  you  want to raise up your score and consider that once a turret has
       been hit for three times, it's gone, along with its ammo.

       Turrets and cities locations are always shuffled.  Missile  launches  are  automated:  the
       closest turret (which has ammo) to your target request launches.


       -r WIDTHxHEIGHT
              Explicitly set a resolution. The default behavior is to use the screen's resolution

       -w     Run in window mode. Default is fullscreen

                                         January 23, 2011                           empcommand(6)