Provided by: freecell-solver-bin_3.4.0-1_amd64 bug


       fc-solve - The Freecell Solver command-line program for solving Freecell Games


       Detailed by invoking "fc-solve --help".

       For the impatient, just type "fc-solve my-board" at the command line, where my-board is a
       file that contains a valid board for input.


       fc-solve is a command-line application that can be used to solve games of Freecell and
       similar Solitaire variants. Details how to use it are described in:

       1. Its help screen, which can be printed by typing "fc-solve --help".

       2. The README and USAGE text files in the Freecell Solver documentation directory.
       (usually: /usr/share/doc/freecell-solver-FCS_VERSION/* ).

       This man page is only a symbolic one, so sorry if you were looking for more detailed
       information. It is possible that it will someday be more encompassing , as I'm thinking of
       converting the documentation to perl POD.


       See USAGE, README and the output of "fc-solve --help".


       The --help display of the program.

       The files under /usr/share/doc/freecell-solver-bin


       Shlomi Fish, <> .