Provided by: ggzcore-bin_0.0.14.1-1.1build1_amd64 bug


       ggz-config - GGZ Gaming Zone configuration manager


       Query Mode:
       ggz-config [--configdir] [--gamedir] [--datadir] [--protocol] [--version]

       Install Mode:
       ggz-config --install --modfile=FILENAME [--destdir] [--force]

       Uninstall Mode:
       ggz-config --remove --modfile=FILENAME

       Repair Mode:
       ggz-config --check


       The  program  ggz-config is a central tool and part of the client libraries package of the
       GGZ Gaming Zone.  It can be used for several purposes.  Primarily it is used  to  maintain
       the  ggz.modules  configuration  file  by installing and removing game module information.
       This is done with the --install and --remove modes of operation.

       Additionally, the program can query the installation settings of the GGZ client  libraries
       to assist in configuring the build process of a client or game module.


       Query Mode Options

       -c, --configdir
              Output  location of the GGZ client libraries configuration directory and exit. This
              value will usually be @ggzconfdir@ and is where the file ggz.modules is located.

       -g, --gamedir
              Output location of the executable game modules and  exit.   Game  modules  in  this
              directory  are  all  game  clients  which  are  not  installed into a standard PATH
              directory, mostly because they only run when invoked by a GGZ  core  client.  As  a
              special  module, the game client wrapper ggzwrap is installed into this place.  The
              gamedir is usually @ggzexecmoddir@.

       -d, --datadir
              Output location of game module data directory and exit.  This is where  games  look
              for their graphics and level data.  This will likely resolve to @ggzdatadir@.

       -p, --protocol
              Query  GGZ_CS_PROTO_VERSION  -  version of core protocol between the GGZ server and
              any GGZ core clients.

       -h, --help
              Output help information and exit.

       -u, --usage
              Print some ggz-config usage scenarios for quick reference.

       -v, --version
              Output version information and exit.

       Install Mode Options

              Specifies that we are installing a game module description.

              Specifies the source  module  description  file.   FILENAME  will  often  be  named
              module.dsc, but this is merely a convention.

              Overwrite an existing module entry of the same name, author and version rather than
              returning an error.

       -D, --destdir
              Specifies that the $DESTDIR environment variable contains a directory to prepend to
              the  path  for  the  GGZ  module  configuration file (ggz.modules).  The only known
              purpose for this is for creating binary packages of GGZ games.

       Uninstall Mode Options

              Specifies that we are removing a game module description.

              Specifies the source module description file.


              Game module registry for all GGZ Gaming Zone core clients.


              Used during install process, most commonly by the build sequence of binary packages
              such as rpm or dpkg.


       The  program  is currently unable to detect many problems that could arise with an invalid
       ggz.modules file.

       Probably others, too numerous to mention.


       The GGZ Development Team <>


       ggz.modules(5), ggz(7)