Provided by: kraptor_0.0.20040403-6_amd64 bug


       kraptor - a classic shoot 'em up scroller game


       kraptor [options]


       Kraptor  is a classic shoot 'em up scroller game, where you must fight against tons of bad
       dudes. The game offers high speed action,  with  massive  destruction  and  lots  of  fun.
       Kraptor features a powerful engine for 2D shooter scroller games.

       After  years  of  oppression,  the  slaved  people  of the world have raised against their
       masters. You, has a mercenary pilot, has been contacted by the popular rebellion to  fight
       against the forces of oppression.

       In  the  morning,  you  jump  into your cockpit and start up the engines. It's time to get
       airborne and start the attack. Get ready to scramble the scum hired by the masters. Murder
       for freedom is the only way, you're on a mission, don't defraud us...


       You must drive your plane and fight your enemies through a series of different levels. You
       can move your plane with the mouse, fire your current selected weapon with your left mouse
       button and use the right mouse button to change weapon.

       There's  access  to  a  'Black  market' shop between levels where you can buy new weapons,
       upgrade ship, etc. You can always save your game at that point, so you must not start from
       the beginning every time you play the game.


       These command line options are available:
        -safe          Will run the game in 'safe' mode (will try to start it no matter what)
        -windowscreen  Will run the game in a window (not available in DOS version)
        -fullscreen    Will run the game in fullscreen
        -autoscreen    Will try to autodetect video card and screen mode
        -nosound       Disables the sound
        -320x200       Video mode 320x200
        -320x240       Video mode 320x240
        -640x480       Video mode 640x480
        -800x600       Video mode 800x600
        -1024x768      Video mode 1024x768


       The original program was written by Kronoman.

       This   manual   page   was  written  for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux  system  by  Miriam  Ruiz
       <> (but may be used by others, of course)