Provided by: mana_0.6.1-1_amd64 bug


       mana - Mana: A 2D MMORPG client




       This  manual page documents briefly the mana ingame commands.  mana is a great online game
       based upon the Seiken Densetsu Serie.  It has its own universe, and and its own  character
       management  system,  which  will  give  you the opportunity to play in a 2D heroic-fantasy
       world forever.


       This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long  options  starting  with
       two dashes (`-').  A summary of options is included below.

       -h, --help
              Show summary of options.

       -v, --version
              Show version of the program.

       -u, --skipupdate
              Skip the update process.

       -U, --username
              Login with this username.

       -P, --password
              Login with this password.

       -D, --default
              Bypass the login process with default settings.

       -p, --playername
              Login with this player.

       -C, --configfile
              Configuration file to use


       Arrow Keys:
              Move your character around.

       Left Ctrl:
              Make your character attack.

       Key A: Target nearest monster.

       Key G: Get items on the ground or in a chest.

       Alt + 1...9:
              Shows an emoticon above your character.

       Alt + I:
              Shows / Hide inventory window.

       Alt + K:
              Shows / Hide skills window.

       Alt + E:
              Shows / Hide equipment window.

       Alt + C:
              Shows configuration window.


       This  manual  page  was  written by Patrick Matthäi <> for the Mana
       project.  Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under  the
       terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2 any later version published by the Free
       Software Foundation.