Provided by: pioneers_0.12.5-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       pioneers-editor - Editor for the Pioneers boardgame


       pioneers-editor [filename]


       This manual page documents briefly the pioneers-editor command.

       Pioneers is an implementation of the popular, award-winning "Settlers of Catan" board game
       for the GNOME desktop environment.  It uses a client/server model for  networked  play  of
       between  two  and  eight  players.   You  will need to connect to a machine running either
       pioneers-server-gtk or pioneers-server-console to play.  An AI client, pioneersai, is also

       Pioneers-editor  can  be used to create new board layouts.  Clicking on the plus and minus
       signs on the side of the board will increase and decrease  the  board  size  respectively.
       Left clicking on a tile allows to select the terrain type; Middle or right clicking allows
       setting of the chit number or port type and orientation.  The chit number can also be  set
       by pressing the number key(s) while the pointer is hovering over the tile.

       In the settings tab, several game settings can be adjusted.


       Games  created  with  pioneers-editor can be played with pioneers-server-gtk and pioneers-
       server-console, if they are installed in the global game directory.   Alternatively,  they
       can be played with pioneers-server-console, by using the --file option.


       Pioneers-editor  accepts the standard GTK+/GNOME commandline options.  See pioneers-editor
       --help for details.


              Global game files.  Games which are installed here can be selected  by  title,  and
              played from pioneers-server-gtk.


       Pioneers allows no-setup nodes, where settlements cannot be placed during the setup phase.
       Pioneers-editor is not able to set such  nodes.   As  a  workaround,  they  can  be  added
       manually to the game file as a last editing step.


       This  manual page was written by Bas Wijnen <>.  Pioneers was written by Dave
       Cole   <>,   Andy   Heroff   <>,   and   Roman   Hodek
       <>,  with contributions from many other developers on the Internet; see the
       AUTHORS file in the pioneers distribution for a complete list of contributing authors.


       pioneers(6), pioneers-server-gtk(6), pioneers-server-console(6), pioneersai(6)