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       pioneersai - AI player for Pioneers


       pioneersai [ -s server ] [ -p port ] [ -n name ]
            [ -a algorithm ] [ -t milliseconds ] [ -c ]


       This manual page documents briefly the pioneersai command.

       Pioneers  is an emulation of the Settlers of Catan board game which can be played over the
       internet. This is an AI player implementation that can take part in Pioneers games.


       -s server   Connect to a pioneers game running on server.

       -p port     Connect to a pioneers game running on port.

       -n name     Specify name of AI player. Leave absent for a random name.

       -a algorithm
                   Specify algorithm of AI player. The only possible value is "greedy"

       -t milliseconds
                   Time to wait between turns, in milliseconds. Default is 1000.

       -c          Do not chat with other players.


       The default settings of the AI can be influenced with the following environment variable:

              The path to the file with player names.  If it is not set, the default installation
              path will be used.


              A list of names the AI can use


       This  manual  page was written by Jeff Breidenbach <>, and updated by Roland
       Clobus <>.  Pioneers was written by Dave Cole <>,  Andy
       Heroff  <>, and Roman Hodek <>, with contributions from
       many other developers on the Internet; see the AUTHORS file in the  pioneers  distribution
       for a complete list of contributing authors.


       pioneers(6), pioneers-server-gtk(6), pioneers-server-console(6)