Provided by: pybik_0.5-1_i386 bug


       pybik - Pybik is a 3 dimensional magic cube game.


       pybik  [-h] [--version] [-s] [--size N] [--animation N] [--pure-python]
       [--debug D]


       -h, --help
              Show help message and exit

              Show version number and exit

       -s, --solved
              Start with the cube already solved

       --size N
              Start with a N x N x N sized cube

       --animation N
              Show N intermediate positions in animations

              Use python module for rendering (very slow)

       --debug D
              Enable debug output, D is an integer or a  comma-separated  list
              of [func,msg,rotate,draw,keys,test,pick]

                                  2012-01-22                          Pybik(6)