Provided by: qgo_1.5.4-r3-2.1_amd64 bug


       qGo - Go client and full featured SGF editor


       qgo [options] [file]


       qGo  is  a computerized board on which you can play the game of Go against another player,
       view and edit smart-go files, and connect to Go servers  on  the  internet.  It  can  also
       interface with computer Go programs such as GNU Go that speak the Go modem protocol.


       -sgf   Make new sgf file (or simple open a board to play).

       -sgf19 Same but don't ask and open 19x19 board.

       -debug Open debug window and show status messages.

              Use standard options from desktop.

       file   Open the specified file (type SGF, MGT or XML).


       qGo  is  copyright (c) Emmanuel Beranger, Johannes Mesa, Peter Strempel.  This manual page
       was written by Martin A. Godisch for Debian GNU/Linux, but may be used by others.