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       QTads - Multimedia interpreter for TADS games


       qtads [ game-file ]


       QTads  is  an interpreter that can run games written in TADS. TADS is a
       programming  language  written  by  Michael  J. Roberts,  designed   to
       implement  text-adventure games (Interactive Fiction), similar to those
       developed by Infocom in 1980-1990, as well  as  other  companies  (like
       Legend  Entertainment,  Level  9, etc). If you liked games like "Zork",
       "Adventure", "Trinity", or "Eric the Unready",  you'll  feel  right  at

       This  version  of  QTads  supports  both  TADS  versions  in use today;
       traditional TADS 2 as well as the new TADS  3  format.  It  runs  on  a
       variety  of  systems,  including  MS  Windows and every Unix system for
       which the Qt library is available, including Linux and Mac OSX.


       With no arguments, QTads will by default ask you for a filename, unless
       this prompting has been disabled in the configuration dialog.

       The optional filename can be used to start a game immediately.


       QTads  is  a  Free  program, dual-licensed under the GNU General Public
       License (GPL) as well as the HTML TADS Freeware  Source  Code  License.
       See  the  file COPYING (included in the package of the program), or the
       "Help->About" menu for details.


       This  program  is  written  and   maintained   by   Nikos   Chantziaras


       The  reference  implementation of the TADS VM was done by Mike Roberts.
       Several people helped making QTads  a  better  program.  See  the  file
       CREDITS or the "Help->About" menu for a list of names.


       frotz(6), inform(1)

                                  April 2010                          QTADS(6)