Provided by: rapid-spring_0.5.1-1.1build1_all bug


       rapid - content download tool for spring


       rapid [options] <action> [<argument>]

       rapid-spring [options] <action> [<argument>]


       Rapid manages downloads of content for the spring RTS engine.


       action in the command line is one of:

              upgrade: Install the latest package for all pinned tags.

              clean-upgrade: Equivalent to 'upgrade' followed by 'uninstall-unpinned'.

              pin: Pins a tag and installs the latest package for that tag.

              unpin: Unpins a tag. Does not uninstall any packages.

              install: Install a package. Does not pin any tags.

              uninstall: Uninstall a package. Unpin its tag if any.

              list-tags: List all tags that contain <argument>.

              list-pinned-tags: Idem, but only pinned tags.

              list-packages: List all packages whose name contains <argument>.

              list-installed-packages: Idem, but only installed packages.

              uninstall-unpinned: Keep only the pinned tags and all dependencies.

              collect-pool: Remove pool files not needed by any installed package.

              make-sdd: Extract pool files into a .sdd archive.

       these are the possible options:

              -h, --help show this help message and exit

              --datadir=DATADIR  Override  the default data directory. (~/.spring on Linux or the
              one reported by unitsync on Windows)

              --unitsync Use unitsync to locate the data directory Spring uses.

              --no-unitsync Do not use unitsync.


       rapid pin xta:latest   # installs latest XTA

       rapid pin s44:latest   # installs latest Spring: 1944

       rapid upgrade          # upgrade all pinned tags


       rapid-gui(6), spring(6)


       Tobi Vollebregt <>

       This manual page was written by Jan Dittberner <>, for the Debian  project
       (but may be used by others).