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       RealTimeBattle - a robot programming game


       realtimebattle   [-n|-c|-d|-D   debug-level]   [-g]  [-o  option-file]  [-l  logfile]  [-t
       tournament-file] [-s statistics-file] [-p port-number]
       realtimebattle --replay logfile [-p port-number]
       realtimebattle -h | --help
       realtimebattle -v | --version


       RealTimeBattle is a programming game, in  which  robots  controlled  by  programs  compete
       against  each  other.  The  goal is to destroy the enemies, using the radar to examine the
       environment and the cannon to shoot.

       Even though the environment the robots are moving in is fairly simple, it is far from easy
       to  construct  an  intelligent  robot-program. RealTimeBattle is constructed to be easy to
       use, flexible and fast. The intention is that the  program  could  be  used  for  learning
       programming  languages, as a test for intelligent algorithms or just as a game to play and

       Here is a list of features of RealTimeBattle:

       ·   Game progresses in real time, with the robot programs running as  child  processes  to

       ·   The robots communicate with the main program using the standard input and output.

       ·   Robots can be constructed in almost any programming language.

       ·   Any  number  of  robots  can compete simultaneously if allowed by operating system and

       ·   A simple messaging language is used for communication, which makes it  easy  to  start
           constructing robots.

       ·   Robots behave like a real physical object.

       ·   Own arenas can be created.

       ·   The simulation environment is highly configurable.

       ·   It is possible to connect external clients to the simulation server.

       ·   Basic  team  support  is  directly  integrated  in  the  game, sophisticated team play
           available due to team frameworks.

       ·   RealTimeBattle is distributed under the General Public License (GPL).


       --debug_mode, -d
              debug mode

       --debug_level 0-5, -D 0-5
              sets the initial debug level. implies -d

       --normal_mode, -n
              normal mode (default)

       --competition_mode, -c
              competition mode

       --no_graphics, -g
              no graphics will be displayed

       --option_file file, -o file
              selects option-file (default: $HOME/.rtbrc)

       --log_file file, -l file
              make log file, if 'file' is '-' the log is sent to STDOUT

       --tournament_file file, -t file
              specify a tournament file to autostart a tournament

       --statistics_file file, -s file
              file to print the statistics to when autostarting

       --message_file file, -m file
              redirect messages to 'file'.
               '-' as 'file' is equivalent to STDOUT.  If both  log  and  messages  are  send  to
              STDOUT, '-m' will be ignored

       --replay file, -r file
              a log file to replay.  if '-' is specified as file, input is taken from STDIN

       --help, -h
              prints this message

       --version, -v
              prints the version number

       --port_number, -p
              specifies  the  port  for  remote  clients  (default  is  32134) (only available if
              compiled with --enable-network)


              Just start  RealTimeBattle  in  normal  mode  with  graphical  user  interface  and
              listening for remote clients on port 32134 (if compiled with --enable-network).

       realtimebattle -D 5
              Enable  full  debugging output. Note that this is also useful for debugging robots,
              because the debug level is sent to the robots as a game option.

       realtimebattle -c -g -o option-file -t tournament-file -l logfile -s statistics-file
              A typical competition start of RealTimeBattle. There  will  be  no  graphical  user
              interface  and  the  results  of  the  competion  will  be  written  to logfile and




       The full documentation for RealTimeBattle is maintained as an SGML manual and should  have
       been  installed  together with the program in various formats.  You may have a look at the
       project      website,       which       also       contains       the       documentation:


       The   current   maintainer   of   the   RealTimeBattle   project   is   Johannes   Nicolai
       <>.  Feel free to contact him and the other developers at  the
       source forge project page:


       If  you  find anything in this package which doesn't work, appears strange, is missing, is
       spellt wrong or is just confusing,  don't  hesitate  to  send  in  a  bug  report  to  the
       Sourceforge Bug Tracker at:


       This  manual  page was written by Falko Menge <> and is part of