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       spheremonics - 3d spherical harmonic shapes.


       spheremonics  [-display host:display.screen] [-visual visual] [-window]
       [-root]  [-delay  number]  [-duration  number]   [-resolution   number]
       [-wander] [-no-spin] [-spin [XYZ]] [-wireframe] [-no-smooth] [-no-grid]
       [-bbox] [-fps]


       These closed objects are commonly called spherical harmonics,  although
       they  are only remotely related to the mathematical definition found in
       the solution to certain wave functions, most notable the eigenfunctions
       of angular momentum operators.


       -visual visual
               Specify  which  visual  to use.  Legal values are the name of a
               visual class, or the id number (decimal or hex) of  a  specific

       -window Draw on a newly-created window.  This is the default.

       -root   Draw on the root window.

       -delay number
               Per-frame   delay,   in  microseconds.   Default:  30000  (0.03

       -duration number
               Duration.  5 - 1000.  Default: 100.

       -resolution number
               Resolution.  5 - 100.  Default: 64.

       -wander | -no-wander
               Whether the object should wander around the screen.

       -spin [XYZ]
               Around which axes should the object spin?

               Don't spin.

               Render in wireframe instead of solid.

       -smooth | -no-smooth
               Smoothed Lines.  Boolean.

       -grid | -no-grid
               Draw Grid.  Boolean.

       -bbox | -no-bbox
               Draw Bounding Box.  Boolean.

       -fps    Display the current frame rate, CPU load, and polygon count.


       DISPLAY to get the default host and display number.

               to get the name of a resource file that  overrides  the  global
               resources stored in the RESOURCE_MANAGER property.


       X(1), xscreensaver(1)


       Copyright © 2002 by Paul Bourke and Jamie Zawinski.  Permission to use,
       copy, modify, distribute, and sell this software and its  documentation
       for  any purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that the above
       copyright notice appear in all copies  and  that  both  that  copyright
       notice  and  this permission notice appear in supporting documentation.
       No representations are made about the suitability of this software  for
       any  purpose.   It  is  provided  "as  is"  without  express or implied


       Paul Bourke and Jamie Zawinski.