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       spring-headless - An open source RTS game engine - Head-Less Engine


       spring-headless [[-c|--client] | [-s|--server]] [-p|--projectiledump]
       [-i|--isolation] [--isolation-dir PATH] [-n|--name STRING] [-C|--config

       spring-headless --list-ai-interfaces

       spring-headless --list-skirmish-ais

       spring-headless --list-config-vars

       spring-headless [-h|--help]

       spring-headless --sync-version

       spring-headless [-V|--version]


       Spring is a free Real Time Strategy (RTS) game engine, originally
       designed to play Total Annihilation (© 1997 Cavedog) content. It has
       since evolved into a general RTS engine, capable of running various
       kind of games (mods).

       It is mainly designed around online multiplayer games but can also be
       played in single-player mode against AIs.

       This is the engine version without graphics or sound output. It still
       runs the full simulation, while spring-dedicated basically only
       redirects network traffic. It is useful for testing and simulating AI
       only games at high speeds on systems without graphics and sound output
       support. For more details, please reffer to:

           man spring


       -h, --help
           Print the options help message and exit

       -V, --version
           Display program version and exit

           Display program sync version (for online gaming) and exit

       -s, --server
           Run as a server

       -c, --client
           Run as a client

       -p, --projectiledump
           Dump projectile class info into projectiles.txt

       -i, --isolation
           Limit the data-dir (games & maps) scanner to one directory (see
           --isolation-dir and the SPRING_ISOLATED env var)

       --isolation-dir::'PATH' Specify the isolation-mode data-dir (see
       --isolation and the SPRING_ISOLATED env var)

       -n, --name::'NAME' Set your player name

           *-C, --config*::'FILE'
            Configuration file

           Dump a list of available AI Interfaces to STDOUT

           Dump a list of available Skirmish AIs to STDOUT

           Dump all default config vars in JSON-format to STDOUT


       SPRING_LOG_SECTIONS Selective functionality to change the verbosity
       (separated by ,).

       SPRING_DATADIR Adds additional directories Spring will search for files
       (separated by :).

       SPRING_ISOLATED If defined, Spring will stop searching files outside of
       the binaries directory. If it is set to a valid directory path, it will
       be used as the isolation directory. See the --isolation and the
       --isolation-dir options.


       spring(6) spring-dedicated(6)


       More information about Spring can be found at link:


       Spring was written by the Spring developers.

       This manual page was written by Marco Amadori
       <[1]>, for the Debian project (and may be used
       by others).