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       spring-multithreaded - An open source RTS game engine - Multi-Threaded


       spring-multithreaded [-f|--fullscreen] [-w|--window] [-x|--xresolution
       SIZE] [-y|--yresolution SIZE] [-m|--minimise] [[-c|--client] |
       [-s|--server]] [-p|--projectiledump] [-t|--textureatlas]
       [-i|--isolation] [--isolation-dir PATH] [-n|--name STRING] [-C|--config

       spring-multithreaded --list-ai-interfaces

       spring-multithreaded --list-skirmish-ais

       spring-multithreaded --list-config-vars

       spring-multithreaded [-h|--help]

       spring-multithreaded --sync-version

       spring-multithreaded [-V|--version]


       Spring is a free Real Time Strategy (RTS) game engine, originally
       designed to play Total Annihilation (© 1997 Cavedog) content. It has
       since evolved into a general RTS engine, capable of running various
       kind of games (mods).

       It is mainly designed around online multiplayer games but can also be
       played in single-player mode against AIs.

       This is the engine version which runs graphics and simulation in two
       separate threads. This may boost performance on multi-core systems. For
       more details, please reffer to:

           man spring


       -h, --help
           Print the options help message and exit

       -V, --version
           Display program version and exit

           Display program sync version (for online gaming) and exit

       -f, --fullscreen
           Run in fullscreen mode

       -w, --window
           Run in windowed mode

       -x, --xresolution::'SIZE' Set X resolution

       -y, --yresolution::'SIZE' Set Y resolution

       -m, --minimise
           Start minimised

       -s, --server
           Run as a server

       -c, --client
           Run as a client

       -p, --projectiledump
           Dump projectile class info into projectiles.txt

       -t, --textureatlas
           Dump each finalised textureatlas into textureatlasN.tga

       -i, --isolation
           Limit the data-dir (games & maps) scanner to one directory (see
           --isolation-dir and the SPRING_ISOLATED env var)

       --isolation-dir::'PATH' Specify the isolation-mode data-dir (see
       --isolation and the SPRING_ISOLATED env var)

       -n, --name::'NAME' Set your player name

           *-C, --config*::'FILE'
            Configuration file

           Dump a list of available AI Interfaces to STDOUT

           Dump a list of available Skirmish AIs to STDOUT

           Dump all default config vars in JSON-format to STDOUT


       SPRING_LOG_SECTIONS Selective functionality to change the verbosity
       (separated by ,).

       SPRING_DATADIR Adds additional directories Spring will search for files
       (separated by :).

       SPRING_ISOLATED If defined, Spring will stop searching files outside of
       the binaries directory. If it is set to a valid directory path, it will
       be used as the isolation directory. See the --isolation and the
       --isolation-dir options.




       More information about Spring can be found at link:


       Spring was written by the Spring developers.

       This manual page was written by Marco Amadori
       <[1]>, for the Debian project (and may be used
       by others).