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       Warmux - A convivial mass murder game.


       warmux    [-h|--help]    [-v|--version]   [-p|--play]   [-i|--internet]
       [-s|--server] [-c|--client [ip]] [-d|--debug debug_masks]


       Have the mascots of your favorite free software battle  in  the  Warmux
       arena  using  dynamite,  grenades,  baseball  bat and other weapons ...
       Exterminate your opponent in a funny 2D toon-style scenery.

       Each player (2 minimum, on the same PC) controls the team of his choice
       (tux,  gnu, firefox, wilber,...) and must destroy his adversaries using
       more or less casual weapons.

       Although a minimum of strategy is required to be victorious, Warmux  is
       pre-eminently  a "convivial mass murder" game where, turn by turn, each
       team attempts to produce maximum damage to their opponents.


       * Key left/right: walk to the left / to the right
       * Key up/down: Aim up/down
       * Key shift: Smaller aim increment/decrement when used with up or down.
       Smaller step while walking
       * Key 'b': ("Backwards") jump
       * Key enter: ("Horizontal") jump
       * Key backspace: ("Vertical") jump
       *  Key  tab:  Switch  to  next  or  previous (when Ctrl is pressed too)
       * Key 'c': Recenter to active character
       *  Key  space:  Shoot.  Exceptions:  the  parachute  is   automatically
         and teleportation is made with a mouse click.
         Warning:  The automatic bazooka and air strike first need a target to
       be selected (select it with a left click)
       * Mouse right click: Show/hide weapons menu
       * Mouse left click on the  map:  Select  a  target  for  teleportation,
       automatic bazooka, or air strike
       * Mouse left click on a character: Make it active (if it's allowed)
       * Mouse move next to screen borders: Move the map
       * Key F1, F2, ... F5: Change weapon in category 1, 2, ... 5
       * Key F10: Toggle Fullscreen
       * Key 'p': Pause the game
       * Key escape: Leave the game (confirmation necessary)


       Have  a  look at the official website On the website,
       you will find some useful help:
       * List of weapons:
       * List of maps:
         *       How        to        write        your        own        map:
       * List of skins:
       * Forum:


       Warmux was written by:
       - Jean-Christophe DUBERGA <>
       - Laurent DEFERT SIMONNEAU <>
       - Lawrence AZZOUG <>
       - Matthieu FERTRE <>
       - Renaud LOTTIAUX <>
       - Victor STINNER <>

       This   manual   page   was   originally   written  by  Jean  Parpaillon
       <>, for the Debian  project  (but  may  be  used  by
       others). It is maintained by the Warmux team.

                               October 28, 2007                      WARMUX(6)