Provided by: wizznic_0.9.2-preview2+dfsg-1_i386 bug


       wizznic - Implementation of the arcade classic Puzznic


       wizznic  [  -f  ]  [  -z  N  ] [ -d PACKNAME ] [ -thumbnailer LEVELFILE
       OUTFILE ]


       wizznic As the original game, your mission is to  clear  the  level  of
       bricks,  this  is  done  by  moving  the bricks about, when two or more
       bricks of the same kind are next to each  other,  or  on  top  of  each
       other,  they  will disappear and points will be given. The level has to
       be cleared of bricks before the time runs out, or you will lose a life.


       -f     Run wizznic in 320*240 in fullscreen.

       -z N   Zoom 320*240* N times.

       -d PACKNAME
              This dumps tga screenshots of each level in that PACKNAME.

       -thumbnailer LEVELFILE OUTFILE
              This creates a screenshot of LEVELFILE (which should be  a  full
              path  to the levelfile) and dumps a file with OUTFILE name. This
              is used by the thumbnailer for gnome.




       Edgar Antonio Palma de la Cruz <xbytemx at gmail dot com>