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       wolf4sdl  -  An  open-source port of id Software's classic first-person


       wolf4sdl [options]

       wolf4sdl-wl6 [options]

       wolf4sdl-wl6a [options]

       wolf4sdl-wl1 [options]

       wolf4sdl-sod [options]

       wolf4sdl-sdm [options]


       Wolf4SDL is an open-source port of id Software's  classic  first-person
       shooter Wolfenstein 3D to the cross-plattform multimedia library Simple
       DirectMedia Layer (SDL) ( It is  meant  to  keep
       the original feel while taking advantage of some improvements.

       The   wolf4sdl-wl6,   wolf4sdl-wl6a,   wolf4sdl-wl1,  wolf4sdl-sod  and
       wolf4sdl-sdm binaries start  the  Wolf3d  Full  v1.4  GT/ID/Activision,
       Wolf3d  Full  v1.4 Apogee (with ReadThis), Wolf3d Shareware v1.4, Spear
       of Destiny Full and Mission Disks and  Spear  of  Destiny  Demo  games,
       respectively.  The  wolf4sdl  binary is a symbolic link to one of these
       and is handled via Debian's update-alternatives mechanism.


       --help This help page

       --tedlevel <level>
              Starts the game in the given level

       --baby Sets the difficulty to baby for tedlevel

       --easy Sets the difficulty to easy for tedlevel

              Sets the difficulty to normal for tedlevel

       --hard Sets the difficulty to hard for tedlevel

              Skips intro screens

              Starts the game in a window

       --res <width> <height>
              Sets the screen resolution  (must  be  multiple  of  320x200  or

       --resf <w> <h>
              Sets  any  screen  resolution  >=  320x200  (which may result in
              graphic errors)

       --bits <b>
              Sets  the  screen  color  depth  (use   this   when   you   have
              palette/fading  problems allowed: 8, 16, 24, 32, default: "best"

       --joystick <index>
              Use the index-th joystick if available (-1 to disable  joystick,
              default: 0)

       --joystickhat <index>
              Enables movement with the given coolie hat

       --samplerate <rate>
              Sets the sound sample rate (given in Hz, default: 44100)

       --audiobuffer <size>
              Sets  the  size of the audio buffer (-> sound latency) (given in
              bytes, default: 2048 / (44100 / samplerate))

              Ignores the number of chunks in VGAHEAD.*  (may  be  useful  for
              some broken mods)


       Wolf4SDL v1.6 ($Revision: 232 $)

       Ported by Chaos-Software (

       Original Wolfenstein 3D by id Software

       This     manual     page    was    written    by    Fabian    Greffrath
       <> for the Debian project (but may  be  used
       by others).