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       XBlast (TNT) - Multi-player "Blast the Others" game


       xblast  [options]


       XBlast  is  a  multi-player  arcade  game for X11R5/R6. The game can be
       played with at least two players and up to six players. It was inspired
       by  the  video/computer  game  Bomberman/Dynablaster  which  was  to my
       knowledge first programmed  for  NEC's  PC  Engine/Turbo  Grafx.  Other
       (commercial)  versions of the original game exist for IBM-PC, Atari ST,
       Amiga, NES, GameBoy and Super NES.

Actualized information you can obtain on the web page: Follow the link Player-Tutorials


       Just type xblast in an xconsole.


       This option is only valid when XBlast was compiled  with  the  optional
       sound support. Freebsd, Linux and Sun should be supported.

       -ns    This disables the sound support.


       The program XBlast supports the following command-line options:

              This option starts the program as central server.

       -check This option verifies if all levels are loadable.


       The  idea of the game is quite simple: "There can be only one ...".  So
       the aim is to blast away all the other players. Use your bombs to blast
       away the other players and certain blocks (e.g. the ?-Blocks in the 1st
       level). Below some of these blocks there are extras.

       The program XBlast can be played locally  or  in  network.   After  you
       started  XBlast  it  will display an intro. The next step will show you
       the "Main Menu". In the "Main Menu" you can   decide  if  you  want  to
       start  a  local  game,  join a network game or host a network game. For
       detailed information please go to the web site.


       The following will explain the default bindings.   These  keys  control
       the first (right) player at your display:

       KP_8, KP_Up
              Player starts walking up.

       KP_2, KP_Down
              Player starts walking down.

       KP_4, KP_Left
              Player starts walking to the left.

       KP_6, KP_Right
              Player starts walking to the right.

       KP_5   Player stops (in the center of the next block).

       KP_0, KP_Insert
              Player drops a bomb (in the center of the current block).

       Return, KP_Add
              Player  uses  special  function  (e.g.  remote  control, special

              Pause of level in Local Game.

              Request to abort the level.

              Cancel abort request.

       The following keys control the second (left) player at your display:

       T      Player starts walking up.

       V, B   Player starts walking down.

       F      Player starts walking to the left.

       H      Player starts walking to the right.

       G      Player stops (in the center of the next block).

       Space  Player drops a bomb (in the center of the current block).

       Tab    Player uses  special  function  (e.g.  remote  control,  special

       P      Pause of level in Local Game.

       A      Request to abort of level.

       Z      cancel abort request.

       A  single  player  can  use both key sets for playing.  Furthermore the
       following keys effect all players:

       P      pause game, resume game after pause.

       Escape Go to previous menu.

       Please note that since XBlast 2.7.x the keybindings can  be  customised
       via Options Menu Controls (see also ).


       There  are many extras to be found in xblast. Most of the time they can
       be found under blastable blocks, sometimes they are just lying  around.
       The  following  extras  can be found in nearly any level. You will keep
       these extras until you have lost all your lives or the level ends.  See
       the web site for actualized information.

       Bomb (red frame)
              This extra increases the number of bombs you can drop by one.

       Flame (yellow flame)
              This extra increases the range of your bombs by one field.

       Furthermore in several levels the following symbol can be found:

       Skull (cyan frame)
              This  is  not  really an extra, but you will be infected with an
              random  illness  when  picking  it  up.  You  will   be   healed
              automatically  after  a  certain time, or if you loose one life.
              Additionally you can infect other players  while  being  ill  by
              running past them.

       In many levels there is also a special extra. There will always be only
       one type of special extra per level and you will loose it if you  loose
       a life. The following special extras can be found:

       Kick extra (moving bomb in blue frame)
              This extra enables you to kick bombs by running into them.

       Invincibility (star in golden frame)
              This  extra  makes  you  invincible  for  some time. You are not
              killed by explosions, stunned by moving bombs, nor  infected  by

       Global Detonator (button in deep pink frame)
              Picking  up  this  extra  ignites all bombs on the map. Use with

       Construction Bombs (bricks and bombs in firebrick frame)
              This extra gives you construction bombs as special bombs.  These
              bombs  create  a blastable block when exploding. Use the special
              key to drop them.

       Remote Control (button box in spring green frame)
              This extra enables you to ignite all your bombs by pressing  the
              special key.

       Teleport Extra (beaming player in orchid frame)
              This  extra  enables  you to beam away to a random location. You
              must be in the center of a block to activate it. Use the special
              key to teleport.

       Airpump (clouds in sky blue frame)
              This  extra  enables  you to blow away (not to blast away) bombs
              within a range of 2 fields. It also works when your are  trapped
              between two bombs. Use the special key to activate it.

       Napalm Bombs (burning bombs in orange red frame)
              This  extra  allows you to drop a high powered napalm bomb using
              the special key. This bomb has  a  much  larger  explosion  than
              normal,  and  is  bigger if you have more Flames. If the bomb is
              struck with an explosion, it will explode as a normal bomb.  For
              the large explosion to occur, it must explode on its own.

       Firecrackers (firecrackers in orange frame)
              This extra allows you to drop firecracker bombs with the special
              key.  Firecracker bombs set off a series of explosions that  can
              clear  away  a  small area. One in ten firecracker bombs is high
              powered and clears away a much larger area. There is no  way  to
              tell  if a firecracker is high powered or not until it explodes.
              Unlike napalm bombs there is no  way  to  stop  the  firecracker
              explosion,  although  it  is  blocked  by  walls and other solid

       Pyro bombs (firecrackers in orange frame)
              This extra allows you to drop pyro bombs with the  special  key.
              Pyro  bombs explode with a series of small explosions that dance
              around the level. These explosions  are  blocked  by  walls  and
              other  bombs but are able to travel through corridors with ease.
              They explode randomly and cannot be controlled. Pyro bombs  have
              the  same  range irrespective of how many flame extras you have.
              Even if the bomb is struck  with  an  explosion  it  will  still
              explode as pyro bomb.

       Junkie Virus (syringe in yellow green frame)
              This  extra  infects  you with the junkie virus. Whilst you have
              the junkie virus you are randomly infected with illnesses (as if
              you  were  picking  up  skulls). You MUST touch other players to
              pass on the illness within a certain time limit or you will lose
              a  life. Any touched players are given the junkie virus as well.
              There is currently no way to get rid of the  junkie  virus  (but
              look for a rehabilitation centre in the next release). :)

       Poison (black skull in steel blue frame)
              This extra?! cost you one of your lives. So avoid to step on it.
              At least if you are not currenlty invincible.

       Spinner (looks like normal floor)
              When picking up this extra you will be stunned  for  some  time.
              Your opponents might want to blast you while you are spinning.

       Speed (moving head in light blue frame)
              This  extra  enables you too run twice as fast as normal. Try to
              overtake other players and catch them between bombs.

       Mayhem (moving head and bomb in blue frame)
              This extra gives you speed and kicking. Make the best of it.

       Holy Grail (a grail with blue light in white frame)
              This extras transfers life energy to you  from  your  opponents.
              Be sure you are the one to get there first.

       Life (head and first aid kit in red frame)
              This extra increases your number of lifes by one. Comes in handy
              while in "hot" environments.

       Random (question mark in light blue frame)
              Picking up this extra will give you one of the following extras:
              Speed, Poison, Invincibility, Spinner, Air Pump or Life.   Avoid
              it if you have only one life left.

       Cloak (vanishing player in violet frame)
              This extras allows you to cloak yourself using the special  key.
              You become invisible for all other players. The extras wears out
              after a certain time of use.

       Morph (bomb with eyes in green frame)
              Get this extra to morph into a bomb with the  special  key.  You
              still  move  as a bomb although you cannot alter course while on
              the run.  You cannot be harmed by explosions  while  you  are  a
              bomb.  Beware  not  to  be  kicked  in  the wall while the level


       These resources define the rest of the game setup of xblast. They  will
       be taken from the following sources (in the given order):

       1.     internal defaults

       2.     the directory "~/.xblast_tnt"


       These  resources  are  read separately for each display used in xblast.
       They are read only from the following sources (in the given order):

       1.     internal defaults

       2.     the directory "~/.xblast_tnt"

       3.     the server resources of the default display (can  be  set  using


       If you found one go to the web site and tell us.


       Copyright (C) 1993-2005, Oliver Vogel.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the terms of the GNU General Public Licences as published by  the
       Free  Software  Foundation;  either  version 2; or (at your option) any
       later version

       This program is distributed in the hope that it will  be  entertaining,
       but  WITHOUT  ANY  WARRANTY;  without  even  the  implied  warranty  of
       General Public License for more details.

       You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
       with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,  Inc.
       59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA


       Oliver Vogel (Main Author)

       Garth Denley (Coauthor)

       Norbert Nicolay (Linux Sound Support, optional)

       Koen (central, SMPF, teammode on TNT, bugcatcher)


       Belgium Guys

       Skywalker  (epfl  port,  laola, some game functions, user friendliness,

       Kruno Sever (Major network review, Chat, bugcatcher)


       Xavier Caron -
       Chris Doherty -
       Patrick Durish -
       Keith Gillow - ...@...
       Rob Hite -
       Christophe Kalt -
       Joachim Kaltz -
       Laurent Marsan -
       Pierre Ramet  -
       Mike Schneider -
       Mark Shepherd - ...@...
       Rob, Simon and Tristan - ...@...
       Gerfried Fuchs
       Garth Denley
       Stephan Natschlaeger
       Stefan Stiasny

                      Release 2.10.0 (Februar 27th 2005)            xblast(6x)