Provided by: xdemineur_2.1.1-16_i386 bug


       xdemineur - X11 minesweeper game


       xdemineur [-v] [-display displayname] [-geometry geom] [-m mines]


       Xdemineur is a minesweeper game for the X Window System.

       The  object of this game is to find the location of the mines hidden in
       the minefield and to mark their location by  placing  a  warning  flag.
       You have exactly as many flags as there are mines.  The number of flags
       that remain to be placed is displayed in the top  left  corner  of  the
       window and a timer is displayed in the top right corner.

       The  game  is  played  using a three buttons mouse, as usual with the X
       Window System.  The left button (button  1)  is  used  to  uncover  the
       square  on  which  you  click (hoping that a mine is not hidden there).
       The number displayed in an uncovered square indicates  how  many  mines
       are  located  around this square (for example, a 3 means that there are
       three mines within the 8 surrounding squares).  The whole  game  relies
       on the right use of these numbers.  The right button (button 3) is used
       to place a flag on a square (this indicates that there is a mine here).
       If  you  click again with the right button on a square that has a flag,
       the flag is changed into a question mark: this is  useful  if  you  are
       trying  to  guess  the  possible  location  of  some  mine, you can use
       question marks to think about it.  One more click with the right button
       and  the  question  mark  disappears.   Clicking with the middle button
       (button 2) on an uncovered square which has all its flags placed around
       uncovers  the  surrounding  cells which have no flags (this will save a
       lot of time).

       Finally, to start a new game, just click on the yellow face  above  the


       -v      Print out version number and copyright notice then exit.

       -display displayname
               This  option  specifies  the  name of the X server to use.  See

       -geometry geom
               This option specifies the initial  size  and  location  of  the
               window.  See X(1).

       -m mines
               This option specifies the number of mines in the minefield.  If
               there are more mines than squares in the minefield, the default
               mine number is used.


       Please    report   any   bug   you   could   find   in   xdemineur   to
       <>.  Also, you should tell me the  customizations
       you  may  have done, such as adding new functions to the game or making
       modifications to allow the game to run on your system.


       Copyright (C) 1993-1999 Marc Baudoin <>

       Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software  and  its
       documentation  for  any  purpose  and  without  fee  is hereby granted,
       provided that the above copyright notice appear in all copies and  that
       both  that  copyright  notice  and  this  permission  notice  appear in
       supporting documentation.  The author makes  no  representations  about
       the  suitability  of this software for any purpose.  It is provided "as
       is" without express or implied warranty.


       Marc Baudoin <>