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       2W -- vorticity tensor


               form (const space V, const space& T, "2W");


       Assembly  the  form  associated  to the vorticity tensor, i.e. the unsymmetric part of the
       gradient of a vector field.  These derivative are usefull in fluid mechanic.

             b(u,tau) = | 2 W(u) : tau dx,
                        / Omega


            2 D(u) = grad u - (grad u)^T

       If the V space is a vector-valued P1 (resp. P2) finite element space, the T space may be a
       tensor-valued P0 (resp. P1d) one.


       The following piece of code build the Laplacian form associated to the P1 approximation:

               geo omega ("square");
               space V (omega, "P1", "vector");
               space T (omega, "P0", "tensor");
               form  b (V, T, "2W");