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       CLONE PREPARE - Prepare for cloning a node.


       clone prepare [ id] [ provider] [ comment]


       Prepares for cloning a specified subscriber node.

       This duplicates the ‘provider’ node's configuration under a new node ID in preparation for
       the node to be copied via standard database tools.

       Note that in order that we be certain that this new node be consistent with all nodes,  it
       is  important to issue a SYNC event against every node aside from the provider and wait to
       start copying the provider database at  least  until  all  those  SYNC  events  have  been
       confirmed by the provider. Otherwise, it is possible for the clone to miss some events.


            clone prepare (id = 33, provider = 22, comment='Clone 33');
            sync (id=11);
            sync (id=22);


       This command was introduced in Slony-I 2.0.

                                         3 December 2011                  SLONIK CLONE PREPARE(7)