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       Bastille - programs to harden the security of a UNIX host




       This manual page documents Bastille briefly

       This  manual  page  was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original
       package does not have a manual page.

       Bastille Linux is  a  security  hardening  program  for  Mandrake,  Red  Hat,  and  Debian
       GNU/Linux.   If  run in the preferred Interactive mode (using InteractiveBastille), it can
       teach you a good deal about security while  enhancing  your  system's  protection  against
       attacks.   If  run in the quicker Automated mode (using AutomatedBastille), it can quickly
       tighten your machine, but not nearly as effectively (since user/sysadmin education  is  an
       important step!)

       Bastille  offers  different security profiles which can be selected using BastilleChooser.
       However, note that even if servers and workstations have very different  security  levels,
       general  security  levels  are not as good as security levels adapted to your own security

       Bastille can secure a number of hosts easily by defining a general configuration file  and
       running  BastilleBackEnd  on each host individually. All security measures defined will be
       implemented (if possible) on all of them.  Bastille changes can also be  undone  by  using
       the RevertBastille command.


       There  is  no  best interface to run Bastille. However, each interface will depend on some
       specific software  which  is  not  provided  by  Bastille  itself.  If  you  want  to  use
       BastilleChooser  you  will  need the Perl GTK modules (in Debian GNU/Linux provided by the
       libgtk-perl package), if you want to use InteractiveBastille  you  will  need  either  the
       Perl's  Curses  modules (in Debian GNU/Linux provided by libcurses-perl) or the TK modules
       (in Debian GNU/Linux provided by perl-tk) depending on wether you want the console (-c) or
       X (-x) interfaces.


              Configuration  file which defines the security measures to be taken, as selected by
              the administrator.
              Logs of actions taken.
              Directory containing all information for the undo operation.


       RevertBastille(8),   AutomatedBastille(8),   BastilleBackEnd(8),   InteractiveBastille(8),
       The  programs  have  more  documentation  available  at  /usr/share/doc/bastille on Debian


       This manual page was written by Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Peña <> for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used on other systems).

       Bastille  was primarily written by Jay Beale, and is licensed under the GNU General Public

                                          10th May, 2001                              BASTILLE(7)