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       curl -- curl operator


             form(const space V, const space& M, "curl");


       Assembly  the  form  associated  to  the  curl operator on finite element space.  In three
       dimensions, both V and M are vector-valued:

             b(u,q) = |  curl(u).q dx
                      / Omega

       In two dimensions, only V is vector-valued.  The V space may be a either P2 finite element
       space, while the M space may be P1d.  See also form(3) and space(3).


       The  following  piece of code build the divergence form associated to the P2 approximation
       for a three dimensional geometry:

               geo omega("cube");
               space V(omega, "P2",  "vector");
               space M(omega, "P1d", "vector");
               form b(V, M, "curl");

       while this code becomes in two dimension:

               geo omega("square");
               space V(omega, "P2",  "vector");
               space M(omega, "P1d");
               form b(V, M, "curl");


       form(3), space(3)