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       kuesvr - the CERN KUIP edit server


       kuesvr -p pid -c cmd -t tmpfile [ -e editor ] file


       kuesvr is a small program called from KUIP.  (KUIP stands for Kit for a
       User Interface Package; it is part of the Packlib library  from  CERN.)
       kuesvr  allows the user to call up an editor from within a KUIP program
       (PAW, for instance) on the file given by file, and continue to use  the
       program asynchronously.

       In  general  kuesvr  is  not  called directly from the command line (in
       Debian it is not even located in the $PATH); instead  it  will  be  run
       automatically  from a KUIP program when an editor is needed, as long as
       the command line set with  KUIP's  HOST_EDITOR  command  ends  with  an
       ampersand  ('&'),  and  $DISPLAY  is set.  If $DISPLAY is unset (or, on
       non-Debian systems, if kuesvr cannot be found in $PATH), the  ampersand
       will be ignored.  For instance,

       PAW > HOST_EDITOR 'emacs -geometry 80x48 &'

       The  editor  is  expected to create its own graphical window.  However,
       since 'vi' is a frequent choice, setting HOST_EDITOR  to  'vi  &'  will
       automatically be interpreted as 'x-terminal-emulator -e vi &' instead.


       -c cmd Specifies the KUIP command invoking the edit server.

       -e editor
              Specifies  the  editor  to  be used.  By default it is vi.  Even
              though this flag is optional, it will be set anyway when  kuesvr
              is called from the KUIP library.

       -p pid Specifies the process ID of the calling program.

       -t tmpfile
              Specifies  the name of the temporary file used for communication
              between the calling program and the  edit  server.   This  is  a
              Debian  extension  added for security reasons.  It is a required
              argument, so this version of kuesvr will not work  with  a  KUIP
              application  using  CERN's  unmodified  Packlib; nor will CERN's
              unmodified kuesvr work with the Debian version of Packlib.


       · paw(1) - a program that can use the edit server
       · the KUIP online help available with command "help host_editor"
       · the KUIP manual, available at


       This manual page was written by Kevin McCarty <> for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                 March 4, 2005                       KUESVR(7)