Provided by: pacemaker_1.1.6-2ubuntu3_i386 bug


       ocf_pacemaker_HealthSMART - SMART health status


       OCF_RESKEY_state=string OCF_RESKEY_drives=string
       OCF_RESKEY_devices=string OCF_RESKEY_temp_lower_limit=
       OCF_RESKEY_temp_upper_limit=string OCF_RESKEY_temp_warning=string

       HealthSMART [start | stop | monitor | meta-data | validate-all]


       Systhem health agent that checks the S.M.A.R.T. status of the given
       drives and updates the #health-smart attribute.


       OCF_RESKEY_state = string
           State file

           Location to store the resource state in.

       OCF_RESKEY_drives = string [/dev/sda]
           Drives to check

           The drive(s) to check as a SPACE separated list. Enter the full
           path to the device, e.g. "/dev/sda".

       OCF_RESKEY_devices = string
           Device types

           The device type(s) to assume for the drive(s) being tested as a
           SPACE separated list.

       OCF_RESKEY_temp_lower_limit =
           Lower limit for the red smart attribute

           Lower limit of the temperature in deg C of the drive(s). Below this
           limit the status will be red.

       OCF_RESKEY_temp_upper_limit = string [60]
           Upper limit for red smart attribute

           Upper limit of the temperature if deg C of the drives(s). If the
           drive reports a temperature higher than this value the status of
           #health-smart will be red.

       OCF_RESKEY_temp_warning = string [5]
           Deg C below/above the upper limits for yellow smart attribute

           Number of deg C below/above the upper/lower temp limits at which
           point the status of #health-smart will change to yellow.


       Andrew Beekhof <>