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       oss_cmi878x - CMedia CMI8788 audio driver.


       Open Sound System driver for CMedia Electronics CMI8788 audio

       CMI87xx device characteristics:

              ·  8/16/24/32 bit playback/record

              ·  mono/stereo/4ch/5.1/7.1 playback

              ·  8KHz to 192Khz sample rate.

       The  CMedia  8788  device provides 3 types of devices. The first devices is a Multichannel
       full duplex device. The second device provides Front Panel  audio  access  and  the  SPDIF
       device provide SPDIF (Digital) audio I/O.

       The CMedia chip provides some unique features that are set up by the Mixer chip. There are
       3 mixer devices presented to the user.

       Main Mixer Panel (/dev/mixer0)

       ·  Master Mixer panel is for controlling output volumes for each of the 8 channels.

       ·  Monitor buttons will allow you to monitor the input from the Rear Panel  inputs,  Front
          Panel Inputs and SPDIF IN.

       ·  Speaker-Spread function duplicates the front channel output on all 8 speakers.

       ·  SPDIF Loopback simply takes SPDIF Input and Plays it out the SPDIF Output.  panel.

              AC97 Input Mixer Panel (/dev/mixer1) This mixer panel is used to switch between the
              various inputs like line-in, mic, cd. When the Rear Panel Monitor button  is  check
              marked  in  the Main mixer panel, the IGAIN slider in this panel controls the level
              of the input that can be hear on the speakers.

              AC97 Front Panel Mixer (/dev/mixer2) This  mixer  controls  the  front  panel  ac97
              device.  It  can  be  used  to  control all the volumes and inputs as well as SPDIF
              output on the front panel device.




       /etc/oss4/conf/oss_cmi878x.conf Device configuration file


       4Front Technologies

                                         05 February 2012                          oss_cmi878x(7)