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       oss_cmpci - CMedia CMI8738/8768 audio driver.


       Open Sound System driver for CMedia Electronics CMI8738/8768 audio

       CMI87xx device characteristics:

              ·  8/16 bit playback/record

              ·  mono/stereo/4ch/5.1ch playback

              ·  8KHz to 48Khz sample rate.

       The  CMedia  chip  provides some unique features that are set up by the
       Mixer chip. Running ossxmix will display the CMI8738 mixer panel.

       Most of the sliders and buttons are self  evident.  However  there  are
       some options that need explaining:

       Dual  Dac:  Enabling  this button sets the CMPCI device as two separate
       output devices with /dev/dsp1 audio going to the  front  and  /dev/dsp0
       going  to  the  rear outputs. Separate audio streams can be send to the
       device simultaneously.

       Speaker Mode: The audio can be sent just to the front  speakers  or  it
       can be sent simultaneously to all speakers in the "Spread" mode.

       AC3 passthrough only works on Models 037 and higher. This is because of
       a hardware bug in the earlier models so check the model number (ossinfo


       ·  Enable will enable SPDIF output.

       ·  Rec  will  allow you to record from the SPDIF device. Note that when
          you have SPDIF recording enabled, you cannot play 4/6 channel audio.

       ·  Polarity - certain models require you to flip the bit otherwise  you
          get distorted audio.

       ·  IMon - monitor input via SPDIF in.

       ·  Optical  -  sets  the  SPDIF  to  Optical  (TOSLINK)  or  RCA  Jacks




       /etc/oss4/conf/oss_cmpci.conf Device configuration file


       4Front Technologies

                               05 February 2012                   oss_cmpci(7)