Provided by: oss4-base_4.2-build2005-2ubuntu1_i386 bug


       oss_emu10k1x - Creative Labs P16x (EMU10K1X) driver.


       Open  Sound System driver for Creative Labs SBLive 5.1 Dell OEM version
       soundcards. The device has a chipset called the EMU10K1X and is not the
       same  as  the  SBLive  EMU10K1/EMU10K2  audio  processors  found in the
       SBLive! and Audigy soundcards.

       EMU10K1X device characteristics:

              ·  8/16/24 bit playback/record

              ·  mono/stereo/4/5.1 playback

              ·  8KHz to 192Khz sample rate.


       ·  emu10k1x_spdif_enable=<0|1> The EMU10K1X has a  versa-jack  (orange)
          that  can  be  set  as  SPDIF output or the Side-Surround left/right
          speakers in a 5.1 setup.  When  set  as  SPDIF,  you  can  get  play
          PCM/AC3 audio to a Dolby(R) capable receiver.


       /etc/oss4/conf/oss_emu10k1x.conf Device configuration file


       4Front Technologies

                               05 February 2012                oss_emu10k1x(7)