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       oss_ich - Intel ICH/SiS7012/Nvidia/AMD audio device driver.


       Open Sound System driver for Intel ICH, nVidia Nforce, AMD and SiS 7012


       ·  intelpci_rate_tuning=<NNN> (default  is  240)  Some  Compaq  Deskpro
          models  (EN and EX at least) and certain Dell models play and record
          audio at a higher speed than  what  is  expected.  If  you  have  an
          Intel815  motherboard  with  an  AD1885  you  can  try  setting  the
          parameter to 240, 280 or 330 and see which works  for  your  system.
          The  way  to  figure out the the right intelpci_rate_tuning value is
          using the osstest application.  It reports a sample rate drift value
          ("Sample  rate  drift" or "srate drift").  Use the following formula
          (round the result to the nearest integer):

          <intelpci_rate_tuning = (240*(drift+100))/100>

       ·  intelpci_force_mmio=<0|1> (default is 0=Disable) This option can  be
          used  to  force  the ICH4/ICH5 and ICH6 controllers to run in memory
          mapped mode to free up I/O address space.

       ·  ich_jacksense=<0|1> (default is 0) Force use of jacksensing on  some
          AD198x mixers.


              Device configuration file.


       4Front Technologies

                               05 February 2012                     oss_ich(7)