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       pytrainer - sport activity logging tool


       pytrainer [options]


       pytrainer is a tool to log all sport excursions coming from GPS devices
       (with  a  focus   on   ForeRunnner   205,   305   and   405)   or   GPX
       ( files.
       Pytrainer supports GPS track files and displays it in graphs, maps...


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -d, --debug
              enable logging at debug level

       -i, --info
              enable logging at info level

       -w, --warn
              enable logging at warning level

              enable  validation of files imported by plugins (details at info
              or debug logging level) - note plugin must support validation

              triggers database (only sqlite  based)  and  configuration  file
              sanity checks, adding fields if necessary. Backup of database is
              done before any change. Details at info or debug logging level

              Turn off new graphing approach

              Deprecated option: turn on new graphing approach

              Specify the directory where application  configuration  will  be

              Specify where logging should be output to. TYPE is one of 'file'
              (default), or 'console'.


              starts pytrainer with log level set to ERROR

       pytrainer -d
              starts pytrainer with log level set to DEBUG (troubleshooting)


       This  manual  page  was  originally  written  by  Braulio   Valdivielso
       <>    and   polished   by   Christian   Perrier

       For more information please check 'Credits' in 'About' menu.

       Thanks to everyone who contributes and supports pytrainer.


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