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       roardecnet - Hints for DECnet users or RoarAudio


        roard -n [OPTIONS...] ...

        roarclient --server node:: [OPTIONS...] ...


       This manpage lists some hints for use of RoarAudio over DECnet.


       If DECnet support is compiled in, there is the option '-n' of roard(1).
       If you set it the daemon will listen  via  DECnet.   You  may  use  the
       option  '-b'  to  set  the  object  name.  Nodenames given via '-b' are
       ignored.  Example:
        roard -n
        roard -n -b ::myobject

       If you use the default object local clients should find  there  way  to
       the  server.   For remote clients or if you use a non default object it
       is needed to give a server address in a form listent below.


       The server address for DECnet is in one of the following forms: node::,
       node::object,  ::object,  ::.   This  is  the  way  to specify a DECnet
       connection to node node's object object. Both may  be  omitted  to  use
       defaults. Default node name is local hosts node name.  Examples:
        mynode::               connect to mynode
        ::roar                 connect to local object roar
        yournode::yourroard    connect to yournode's object yourroard
        ::                     connect to default object on local node


       roard(1), roartips(7), libroar(7).