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       voxbo - general information about the VoxBo toolbox


       VoxBo  is  a  suite  of tools for brain image analysis, especially fMRI
       analysis and lesion-behavior mapping.  VoxBo includes over  100  tools,
       including  many for general-purpose image munging (e.g., vbim(1)), many
       that implement specific statistical procedures (e.g.,  vbtmap(1)),  and
       some  that  would likely be just as useful for non-imaging applications

       VoxBo has supported cluster parallel processing since  1998.   Although
       cluster installation is a little tricky, it's worth the effort if you'd
       like to speed up your analyses by an order of magnitude or two.  As  of
       2010,  VoxBo  also  supports  desktop parallel processing on multi-core
       systems.  We do not yet support GPU parallel processing.

       All VoxBo tools support a common  set  of  file  formats.   See  voxbo-
       fileformats(7) for more information.


       Pre-built  VoxBo binaries are available for Linux, OSX, and Cygwin, and
       via the NeuroDebian project ( for Debian derivatives.


       VoxBo is provided with no warranty whatsoever.


       For  an  historical  roster  of  the  VoxBo  development  team,   visit


       For  detailed  help  on  any VoxBo command-line program, run it with no
       arguments.  For graphical programs, use the -h  flag.   For  more  help
       with  VoxBo, for information about the mailing list, or to report bugs,
       visit the web site at

       For information about VoxBo file formats, see voxbo-fileformats(7).