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       MAKEFLOPPIES - Creates the default floppy device nodes.


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          MAKEFLOPPIES [-tlvng] [drives]

       The MAKEFLOPPIES shell script creates the new floppy  block  device  node.   It  uses  the
       floppycontrol program to translate the minor device numbers into meaningful names. It also
       uses these names to decide whether to create a given block device file or  not,  depending
       on  the  type  of  the  physical  drive  (for  instance,  for  a  3 1/2 drive, the formats
       corresponding to a 5 1/4 drive are not created).

       If you have more than two floppy drives, you need to tell the kernel  the  CMOS  types  of
       those additional drives using the floppy=drive,type,cmos lilo option.

       If  the  drives  parameter is given, only the device nodes for the listed drives are made.
       By default, all only the two first drives are tried.

       MAKEFLOPPIES does not work if you redefine your default formats.

       Caution: MAKEFLOPPIES removes already existing floppy device nodes.


       -t     Use the old naming  convention  for  3  1/2  devices  (e.g.  `fd0H720'  instead  of

       -m     Base  the  name  for  the  created devices on the type of the media (e.g. `fd0h720'
              instead of `fd0u720').

       -l     Local. Creates device nodes in the local directory, not /dev

       -v     Verbose

       -n     Dry run. (just report what would be done, do not do anything)

       -g     Group.  Allow read/write access to floppy devices only for group `floppy'


       The MAKEFLOPPIES script does not work on redefined  "default"  formats,  If  you  redefine
       default formats, you need to create the needed device nodes manually.

See Also

       Fdutils' texinfo doc