Provided by: sympa_6.1.7~dfsg-2_amd64 bug


       alias_manager (or - manage Sympa aliases


       alias_manager add | del listname domain


       Alias_manager is a program that helps in installing aliases for newly created lists and
       deleting aliases for closed lists.

       Is is called by wwsympa.fcgi via the aliaswrapper. Alias management is performed by
       wwsympa.fcgi only if it was setup in /etc/sympa/wwsympa.conf (sendmail_aliases
       configuration parameter).

       Administrators using MTA functionalities to manage aliases (ie virtual_regexp and
       transport_regexp with postfix) can disable alias management by setting sendmail_aliases
       configuration parameter to none.


       add listname domain
            Add the set of aliases for the mailing list listname in the domain domain.

       del listname domain
            Remove the set of aliases for the mailing list listname in the domain domain.


       /etc/mail/sympa/aliases sendmail aliases file.


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       Serge Aumont
            Comite Reseau des Universites

       Olivier Salauen
            Comite Reseau des Universites

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       This manual page was initially written by Jerome Marant <> for the
       Debian GNU/Linux system.


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       Report bugs to <>.


       sympa(1), sendmail(8).