Provided by: atm-tools_2.5.1-1.3_amd64 bug


       atmaddr - list and maintain local ATM addresses


       atmaddr [-n] [itf]
       atmaddr -r [itf]
       atmaddr -a [itf] atm_addr
       atmaddr -d [itf] atm_addr
       atmaddr -V


       atmaddr  is used to list the local addresses configured for ATM interfaces and to manually
       change the list of addresses. If the interface number itf is omitted, interface 0 is  used
       by  default.  The  ATM  address  atm_addr  can be any valid ATM SVC address, e.g. an E.164
       address or an ATM Forum NSAP address.

       If invoked without options, atmaddr lists the addresses that are currently  configured  on
       the specified interface.

       Note that local ATM addresses are normally automatically maintained by the ILMI demon.


       -a     append the specified address at the end of the list.

       -d     delete the specified address from the list.

       -n     numeric address output only. No address to name translation is attempted.

       -r     reset (clear) the local address list of the specified interface.

       -V     print the version number of atmaddr on standard output and exit.


       Werner Almesberger, EPFL ICA <>