Provided by: atmel-firmware_1.3-4_all bug


       atmel_fwl - Load firmware into Atmel at76c50x wireless networking chips.


       atmel_fwl <interface> /path/to/firmware


       atmel_fwl  loads  firmware images for Atmel at76c50x series wireless networking chips into
       the Linux driver for same.

       Note that this utility is not normally necessary, since the driver will automatically load
       the  correct firmware image via the hotplug system. Atmel_fwl is provided for applications
       where use of the hotplug system may not be desirable.

       atmel_fwl should be run after the interface has been created (after card insertion, in the
       case of PCMCIA cards) but before it is brought up by running ifconfig.


       Note  that  there are two versions of many of the firmware images, the second one with the
       suffix "-wpa". These are later releases from Atmel which support  WPA  privacy.  They  are
       only  usable by versions of the driver greater than 0.9. Be sure not to use the "-wpa" one
       unless your in-kernel driver code is version 0.9 or better. Sadly, as of version 0.9,  the
       in-kernel driver does not actually support the setting of WPA passphrases.

       The firmware images are usually installed in /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware.

       The   status   of   the   driver,   including   its  firmware  loading,  is  available  in





       iwconfig(8), ifconfig(8),


       This manual page was written by Simon Kelley <>.