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       backup_status - Reports a Tape Coordinator's status


       backup status [-portoffset <TC port offset>]
           [-localauth] [-cell <cell name>] [-help]

       backup st [-p <TC port offset>]
           [-l] [-c <cell name>] [-h]


       The backup status command displays which operation, if any, the indicated Tape Coordinator
       is currently executing.


       -portoffset <TC port offset>
           Specifies the port offset number of the Tape Coordinator for which to report the

           Constructs a server ticket using a key from the local /etc/openafs/server/KeyFile
           file. The backup command interpreter presents it to the Backup Server, Volume Server
           and VL Server during mutual authentication. Do not combine this flag with the -cell
           argument. For more details, see backup(8).

       -cell <cell name>
           Names the cell in which to run the command. Do not combine this argument with the
           -localauth flag. For more details, see backup(8).

           Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


       The following message indicates that the Tape Coordinator is not currently performing an

          Tape coordinator is idle

       Otherwise, the output includes a message of the following format for each running or
       pending operation:

          Task <task_ID>:  <operation>:   <status>


           Is a task identification number assigned by the Tape Coordinator.  It begins with the
           Tape Coordinator's port offset number.

           Identifies the operation the Tape Coordinator is performing, which is initiated by the
           indicated command:

               The backup dump command.

               The backup diskrestore, backup volrestore, or backup volsetrestore commands.

               The backup labeltape command.

               The backup scantape command.

               The backup savedb command.

               The backup restoredb command.

           Indicates the job's current status in one of the following messages.

           number Kbytes transferred, volume volume_name
               For a running dump operation, indicates the number of kilobytes copied to tape or
               a backup data file so far, and the volume currently being dumped.

           number Kbytes, restore.volume
               For a running restore operation, indicates the number of kilobytes copied into AFS
               from a tape or a backup data file so far.

           [abort requested]
               The backup kill command was issued, but the termination signal has yet to reach
               the Tape Coordinator.

           [abort sent]
               The operation is canceled by the backup kill command.  Once the Backup System
               removes an operation from the queue or stops it from running, it no longer appears
               at all in the output from the command.

           [butc contact lost]
               The backup command interpreter cannot reach the Tape Coordinator. The message can
               mean either that the Tape Coordinator handling the operation was terminated or
               failed while the operation was running, or that the connection to the Tape
               Coordinator timed out.

               The Tape Coordinator has finished the operation.

           [drive wait]
               The operation is waiting for the specified tape drive to become free.

           [operator wait]
               The Tape Coordinator is waiting for the backup operator to insert a tape in the

       If the Tape Coordinator is communicating with an XBSA server (a third-party backup utility
       that implements the Open Group's Backup Service API [XBSA]), the following message appears
       last in the output:

          <XBSA_program> Tape coordinator

       where <XBSA_program> is the name of the XBSA-compliant program.


       The following example shows that the Tape Coordinator with port offset 4 has so far dumped
       about 1.5 MB of data for the current dump operation, and is currently dumping the volume
       named "user.pat.backup":

          % backup status -portoffset 4
          Task 4001:  Dump:   1520 Kbytes transferred,  volume user.pat.backup


       The issuer must be listed in the /etc/openafs/server/UserList file on every machine where
       the Backup Server is running, or must be logged onto a server machine as the local
       superuser "root" if the -localauth flag is included.


       backup(8), butc(8)


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