Provided by: dvd+rw-tools_7.1-10_amd64 bug


       BTCFLASH - firmware flash utility for BTC DRW1008 DVD+/-RW recorder.


       btcflash DEVICE FILE


       BTCFLASH  may also work with other BTC DVD recorders, such as the DRW1004 and DRW1108, but
       they have not been tested. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

       Firmware files may be obtained by running BTC's Windows flash utility, then  searching  in
       the  WINDOWSTEMP  or  WINNTTEMP  directory  for  a  *.HEX  file.  It will probably be in a
       subdirectory named PAC*.tmp.DIR, and the HEX file will be named Vnnnn.HEX, where  nnnn  is
       the  firmware  version  number.  You'll also find IDEFLASH.EXE or BTCFLASH.EXE in the same


       DEVICE Write the firmware to the given device.

       FILE   Read the firmware from the given file. This utility will also accept firmware files
              in ".BIN" format.


       BTCFLASH was written by David Huang <>.

       This manual page was written by Daniel Baumann <>, for the Debian project
       (but may be used by others).