Provided by: burp_1.3.1-1_amd64 bug


       burp_ca - program for generating certificates for use with burp


       burp_ca [options]

       A  script  for  generating certificates for use with burp. This script comes with the burp
       backup and restore package, and was contributed by Patrick Koppen.


              show help

              inititalize CA

              generate new key

              generate certificate sign request

              sign csr (use --ca <ca> and --name <name>)

              --batch do not prompt for anything

              --revoke <number> revoke certificate with serial number

              --crl generate certificate revoke list

       -d|--dir <dir>
              ca output dir (default: /etc/burp/CA)

              config file (default: /etc/burp/CA.cnf)

              name (default: builder)

              valid days for certificate (default in config file)

              --ca_days valid days for CA certificate (default: 3650)

              key size (default: 2048)

              ca name if different from name


       If  you  find  bugs,  please  report  them  to   the   email   list.   See   the   website
       <> for details.


       The main author of Burp is Graham Keeling.


       See the LICENCE file included with the source distribution.

                                        February 10, 2012                              burp_ca(8)