Provided by: cfengine3_3.1.5-1build1_amd64 bug


       cf-execd - cfengine's execution agent


        cf-execd [options]


       The  executor daemon is a scheduler and wrapper for execution of cf-agent. It collects the
       output of the agent and can email it to a specified address. It can splay the  start  time
       of executions across the network and work as a class-based clock for scheduling.  cfengine
       is a self-healing configuration and change management  based  system.  You  can  think  of
       cfengine  as  a  very  high  level language, much higher level than Perl or shell. Asingle
       statement is called a promise, and compliance can result in many  hundreds  of  filesbeing
       created, or the permissions of many hundreds offiles being set. The idea of cfengine is to
       create a one or more sets of configuration files which willclassify and describe the setup
       of every host in a network.


       --help, -h
              Print the help message

       --debug, -d
              Set debugging level 0,1,2,3

       --verbose, -v
              Output verbose information about the behaviour of the agent

       --dry-run, -n
              All talk and no action mode - make no changes, only inform of promises not kept

       --version, -V
              Output the version of the software

       --file, -f
              Specify an alternative input file than the default

       --define, -D
              Define a list of comma separated classes to be defined at the start of execution

       --negate, -N
              Define a list of comma separated classes to be undefined at the start of execution

       --no-lock, -K
              Ignore  locking  constraints during execution (ifelapsed/expireafter) if "too soon"
              to run

       --inform, -I
              Print basic information about changes made to the system, i.e. promises repaired

       --diagnostic, -x
              Activate internal diagnostics (developers only)

       --no-fork, -F
              Run as a foreground processes (do not fork)

       --no-winsrv, -W
              Do not run as a service on windows - use this when running  from  a  command  shell
              (Cfengine Nova only)

       --ld-library-path, -L
              Set the internal value of LD_LIBRARY_PATH for child processes


       Mark Burgess and Cfengine AS


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       This software is Copyright (C) 2008- Cfengine AS.

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