Provided by: cfengine2_2.2.10-4build2_amd64 bug


       cfetoolinfo - Get information about a database


       cfetool info name [--path-p directory name] [--daily-d] [--weekly-w] [--yearly-y]
       [--verbose-v] [--help-h]


       Prints out some basic information about the specified database, including: the location of
       the database, the location of the histogram file (if there is one), the step interval, the
       database age, the time it was last updated, and the current overall average and variation.


       --path-p directory name
           The directory in which to find the database folder. If this argument is not provided,
           the current working directory will be assumed.

           Provide information about the daily averages database.

           Provide information about the weekly averages database.

           Provide information about the yearly averages database.

           Print details of the command's execution to the standard output stream.

           Prints a short help message and then exits.


         % cfetool info temperature --path /my/path

        Weekly average database:
        Database Location: /my/path/temperature/weekly.db
        Histogram file: /my/path/temperature/weekly.hist
        Step: 10 minutes
        Database Age: 0.000992 weeks (1 steps)
        Last update: Mon Sep 13 16:20:40 2004 (1095117640)
        Current average: 7.105000, Var: 38.280217


       The code and documentation were contributed by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, a
       department of Stanford University.  This documentation was written by

       Elizabeth Cassell <> and
       Alf Wachsmann <>


        Copyright 2004 Alf Wachsmann <> and
                       Elizabeth Cassell <>
        All rights reserved.