Provided by: clamav-unofficial-sigs_3.7.1-1_all bug


       clamav-unofficial-sigs   -  Download,  test,  and  install  third-party  ClamAV  signature


       clamav-unofficial-sigs [options]


       clamav-unofficial-sigs is a shell script  that  updates  the  Sanesecurity,  SecuriteInfo,
       MalwarePatrol, OITC, INetMsg and ScamNailer third-party signature databases for ClamAV.


       This  script  follows  the  standard GNU command line syntax.  A summary of the options is
       shown below.

       -b     Add a bypass signature entry to local.ign in order to temporarily resolve a  false-
              positive  issue  with a third-party signature.  The script will monitor any entries
              it makes to local.ign and will automatically remove bypass entries  if  either  the
              original signature has been modified or removed from the database.

       -c FILE-NAME
              Source configuration information from a different file.

       -d     Decode a hexadecimal encoded string or an individual ClamAV 3rd-party signature for
              viewing.  This will not decode image signatures nor the official signatures.

       -e     Encode a entire input string in  hexadecimal  for  signature  usage  in  any  *.ndb

       -f     Encode  a formated input string in hexadecimal that contains spacing field '{}, (),
              *', without encoding the  spacing  fields,  for  signature  usage  in  any  '*.ndb'

       -g FILE-NAME
              Verify  the  GPG signature for a specific SaneSecurity database file.  Only specify
              the filename as listed in the configuration file and the script will search for  it
              in the work directory.

       -h     Print the script help and usage information.

       -i     Print system and script configuration information.

       -m     Make  a  hexadecimal  signature database file (*.ndb) from a clear text ascii file.
              Provides support for both full and formatted signatures.  Additional information is
              provided when using the flag.

       -r     Remove the clamav-unofficial-sigs script and all of its associated files, databases
              and work directories from the system.

       -s FILE-NAME
              Test the integrity of a third-party signature database with clamscan.  Only specify
              the  filename as listed in the configuration file and the script will search for it
              in the work directory.

       -t     If HAM directory scanning is enabled  in  the  script's  configuration  file,  then
              output  the  names  of  any  third-party  signatures  that triggered during the HAM
              directory scan.

       -v     Print the script version and date information.


       clamd(8), clamscan(1)


       Bill Landry <>


       BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution)


       Report bugs to Bill Landry <>


       Bill Landry <>